NBA 2K20: 5 best driving dunkers on MyTEAM under 50k – Wilkins, LaVine, Erving & more

Everyone loves a dunk. They look good for the cameras and feel so satisfying when you see your man fly through the air and throw the ball down.

And whilst a standing dunk is impressive, there’s nothing more impressive than seeing a player drive his way through the paint and drop the hammer.

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Now we know those top-end driving dunkers come with a hefty price tag, so we have looked for the best driving dunkers on the game who can be picked up for less than 50k but still come in with a high rated OVR.

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This is the best five budget driving dunkers which you can purchase on MyTEAM on NBA 2K20.

’86 Dominique Wilkins (OVR 95)

Card type: Spotlight

Position: SF/SG

Club: ’85-’86 Atlanta Hawks

Driving dunk: 98

Cost: 44k

The first name in the list of these budget driving dunkers is a big one. The 95 OVR Dominique Wilkins.

The nine-time NBA All-Star is best remembered for his time with the Atlanta Hawks, where he has since had his number 21 jersey retired by the side.

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His dunking was on a whole other level and he won the iconic NBA slam dunk contest in 1985 and 1990. He also picked up the scoring title in the former, with an average of 30.3 PPG.

Wilkins’ card is surprisingly affordable too. Despite his 95 OVR rating, he can be picked up for under 50k MT points. A great investment if you can afford him.

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Zach LaVine (OVR 79)

Card type: Spotlight

Position: SG

Club: Minnesota Timberwolves

Driving dunk rating: 97

Cost: 2k

Now from one of the all-time greats to an up and coming baller. The spotlight series version of Zach LaVine.

Whilst LaVine may currently be a Bull, this card is attributed to his time at the Minnesota Timberwolves. Don’t be fooled by his 79 OVR though, because the shooting guard is still one of the very best driving dunkers in the game, with a monster 97 rating.

LaVine may not be a starter in your team, but for just 2k, he will throw down some tasty highlight reel dunks off the bench.

’87 Julius Erving (OVR 94)

Card type: Prime VIP

Position: SG

Club: Philadelphia 76ers

Driving dunk rating: 96

Cost: 38k

You couldn’t do a best driving dunkers list without Dr J could you?

Widely renowned as one of the very best dunkers in the history of the NBA, the 1981 NBA MVP comes in on NBA 2K20 with a 96 rated driving dunk on his 94 OVR card, and rightfully so.

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He is another of the list who come in at the upper end of the 50k budget at 38k, however he is all sorts of fun to use in-game.

’91 Darrell Griffith (OVR 91)

Card type: Prime VIP

Position: SG/SF

Club: Utah Jazz

Driving dunk rating: 96

MyTEAM cost: 28k

The next player on our list is the Utah Jazz great Darrell Griffith.

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Griffith spent his entire NBA career with the Jazz and is widely regarded as one of the best to ever pull on the jersey. At just 6’4″, you would think that Griffith may not be too strong in the paint, you would be mistaken.

The shooting guard participated in the inaugural NBA slam dunk contest back in 1984 and whilst he finished fourth, he was very impressive.

You can pick him up on MyTEAM for 28k and as a 91 OVR, he will fit perfectly into most teams.

Andrew Wiggins (92 OVR)

Card type: Moments of the Week

Position: SF/SG

Club: Minnesota Timberwolves

Driving dunk rating: 96

Cost: 15k

The last name to make the list for the top five budget driving dunkers is yet another Minnesota Timberwolf, Andrew Wiggins.

Wiggins has started the season like a house on fire for the Timberwolves, averaging 25.5 points through the first 10 games for the Minnesota franchise, including dropping 40 on the Warriors last week to earn this Moments of the Week card.

Wiggins has a 96 rated driving dunk on this card and can be grabbed for 15k.


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