National Orgasm Day: Do men have a G-spot and where is it?

The prostate is the male version of a G-spot (Picture:

Ah, the G-spot, the most elusive part of the female body.

The existence of this erogenous zone is widely debated but usually in regards to women. Researchers claim it’s just an extension of the clitoris.

As many women have attested to having amazing orgasms when the area is stimulated, men have wondered whether they too have a G-spot.

The closest they have to it is the prostate – the walnut-sized gland behind the penis. The prostate has nerve endings that arouse all kinds of good feelings.

Though some men struggle with the idea of anal play, the area is most easily stimulated through the rectum.

If you’re looking for a better climax this National Orgasm Day, you might want to take the plunge.

While the prostate is popularly attributed as the male G-spot, sex psychotherapist Silva Neeves says there’s another region that promises the good stuff.

‘The two most common G spots for men are the prostate and the head of the penis, the part that is covered by the foreskin,’ she tells

‘The head of the penis is sensitive and produces a lot of pleasure when stimulated by hand (with lube it is even better), a masturbation toy or when having intercourse with a partner.’

But the prostate is still a huge factor in driving male pleasure, she adds.

‘The prostate produces much pleasure when stimulated,’ says Silva. ‘You can reach it through the anus. More and more men of all sexual orientations are becoming curious and fascinated by the prostate’s sexual pleasure.’

How to stimulate the prostate:

The prostate is located internally underneath the bladder, so you can’t actually poke it directly. Instead you can stimulate it through the perineum or the rectum.

You can do this through anal play, either with your finger or a sex toy designed for anal play.

Start by gently stroking the perineum during sex to see how that feels. If you’re ready to turn things up a notch, lube up your finger and locate the prostate – it’s around two inches into the rectal canal. You’ll know you’ve found it when you can feel a ball of tissues that feels different to the other bits of the rectum.

The prostate will swell when the person is aroused, which should make it easier to find.

Go slowly, gently, and make sure your fingernails are short. Make a come hither motion, starting gently then stroking more once you know how it feels.

If you’d like to try toys, make sure you use sex toys specifically designed for anal play – ones with a flared base so the toys can’t get lost inside the rectum.

The sex toy We-Vibe Vector is specially designed to reach the prostate effortlessly and massage it in the way that will produce intense pleasure.

When men stimulate their prostate as well as stimulating the head of their penis, they may have stronger ejaculations.

Play safely.

If you are looking for orgasmic fun on this special day, then planning is key.

Stock up on lube, cut your fingernails, wash your toys, and chat with your partner before you start.

Now go forth and get your orgasms.

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