Nasa’s Mars rover Perseverance is ready for launch, space agency says

Nasa‘s Perseverance rover is ready to launch, the space agency has said, ahead of its scheduled liftoff next week.

The mission and the rover finished their “Flight Readiness Review”, a key final check before takeoff. The test sees both Nasa and its rocket teams approve the readiness of the spacecraft, and certifies that it is ready to launch.

As part of the test, the spacecraft, its rocket, as well as the software and people on the ground are checked and approved.

Now the rocket will be ready to launch in its window, which opens at 7.50am local eastern time on 30 July.

“Our deepest thanks go to the many teams who have worked so hard to get Perseverance ready to fly during these challenging times,” said Nasa administrator Jim Bridenstine.

“This mission is emblematic of our nation’s spirit of meeting problems head-on and finding solutions together. The incredible science Perseverance will enable and the bold human missions it will help make possible are going to be inspirations for us all.”

The space agency noted that a number of challenges must be faced as the mission heads to Mars over the coming days and years.

“We’re pleased to be passing another milestone with the completion of the Flight Readiness Review,” said Matt Wallace, deputy project manager for the mission at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) in Southern California.

“But we’ll keep our heads down through the final prelaunch activities and the opening of the launch window next week, until we’re certain this spacecraft is safely on its way. Mars is a tough customer, and we don’t take anything for granted.”


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