Mystery ‘witch bottles’ wash up on Gulf of Mexico and people are too scared to open them

The bottles are filled with foliage, wine, urine, and other odd things (Picture: Facebook)

A series of eerie ‘witch bottles’ have been appearing along the Gulf of Mexico – and researchers are refusing to open them.

Jace Tunnell has found eight witch bottles since 2017, with some covered in barnacles after having been in the ocean for long periods of time.

Mr Tunnell found the latest ‘witch bottle’ in Corpus Christi, Texas, earlier this month.

The creepy items get their name as they come from unknown senders and have odd items inside, which many believe hold spells.

Mr Tunnell has found eight bottles since 2017 (Picture: Facebook)
Researchers who find them refuse to open them (Picture: Facebook)

Mr Tunnell’s wife even told her husband he could bring home seashells, but not the ‘spell’ bottles.

Inside the glass bottles, hair, herbs, plants, nails, and bodily fluids are often stuffed inside.

Those who create the witch ‘bottles’ destroy them by throwing them into a fire – but it seems in this case its owners tossed them into the sea.

They’re quite common in the United Kingdom, where they’ve been discovered buried in the corners of properties and even sealed into the walls of homes.

Mr Tunnell explained: ‘Some of the spell bottles are for protection. They do a ritual where they’ve got incense and smoke and stuff like that.

‘Sometimes they do it for health reasons, for luck – there are all kinds of reasons why people would have spell bottles.’

He believes the bottles he’s discovered originate from Haiti, due to their manufacturing and colour.

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