'My teenage daughter's best friend keeps flirting with me… it's making me uncomfortable'

“She was always a sweet girl,” Nigel shared to social community network Reddit. “Her family life is stable as far as I know… and up until around six months ago she treated me like an adult.”

Nigel elaborated: “That is, a vaguely human-shaped object that dispensed lifts [to my daughter and her friends] and [played dad] music [in the car].”

When Nigel and his wife split up, with her leaving the family home, Nigel would overhear his daughter, Nikki, and Becca, 18, giggle over finding him a new girlfriend.

While it seemed innocent enough, Becca soon became super flirtatious towards Nigel, which made him feel uncomfortable.

Not one to let the problem get worse, he spoke to Becca about it, but she fobbed him off and “made fun” when he would tell her to “stop”.

Nigel claimed: “To avoid anything else, I cut myself out of giving rides if she was in the party or being anywhere where she might be.

“But the past two weekends, she has called me in the middle of the night, drunk, saying that she is going to walk home if I don’t pick her up.

“So I pick her up, she gets really handsy to the point where I was having trouble driving, and every time I stop, she tries to put my hands on her.”

Dropping her off at Becca’s mum’s house, while pulling up caused a raised eyebrow, it didn’t stop it from happening again but, this time, he contacted Becca’s mum as the first point of call.

“I really don’t know what is going on here,” pondered Nigel. “I am a balding, overweight middle-aged man who feels like I am the butt of a joke somewhere having this 18-year-old acting so obsessively over me.

“I have spoken to my daughter about it who initially thought it was funny, but after a conversation with her friend is now kind of worried as well.

“I am sure that something else is going to happen, and I just need some advice on getting her to realise she should be with boys her own age.”

One Reddit commentator said: “If you will continue to allow yourself to be dragged into these situations don’t be surprised when this spirals out of control and ruins your life.

“Don’t spend another moment alone with her. I don’t care how drunk she is. Call her parents… you won’t ever be able to get her to see she should be with boys her own age.

“The more you fight, the bigger a challenge it will be to her. Cut her out and ban her from your house.”

Nix-geek advised: “Invite [her parents] over for coffee and explain what’s going on… and let them know why you’re cutting their daughter out of your life

“They may not like what they see, but they need to be the ones to talk to her daughter and try and fix things, not you.”

*Names have been changed.


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