My in-laws MADE my son, four, pee himself – I’m so fuming my husband & I might split up

A MUM has taken to Reddit to ask for advice on an argument she and her husband had over his sister and their four-year-old son.

The mum shared her story to the subreddit, AITA, where it received thousands of comments.

The young boy was left in 'timeout' for 90-minutes


The young boy was left in ‘timeout’ for 90-minutesCredit: Alamy

The mum, who remained anonymous, prefaced that she had asked her husband (the boy’s stepdad) to watch him for the day as she has recently lost a friend and was attending the funeral.

She said her husband agreed to watch him, but instead, took her son to his sister’s and husband’s house to be looked after.

She was shocked to receive messages from her husband’s sister whilst at the funeral, as he did not tell her he was taking her son there.

She said the texts she received asked her to come and get her son as he had wet himself, she recalls being shocked and confused as she didn’t know he was there and tried to call her husband, who didn’t answer the phone.

The mum said she rushed to their place to discover her son still wet, she asked her sister-in-law and her husband what happened.

Her sister-in-law said her son was making so much noise while playing with the kids, so they put him on a timeout.

After being put in timeout, the young boy told them he needed the bathroom but her sister-in-law’s husband said he couldn’t go to the bathroom while on timeout and denied him access after he begged, resulting in him peeing right where he was standing. 

She goes on to say the husband explained that he thought that her son was old enough to hold it in until timeout was over which was 90-minutes long, according to the husband.

The mum said she berated the couple for treating her son so cruelly and denying such a simple request.

She goes on to say: ” I asked how could they do this to a child with a condition when they themselves are parents.

“(My) sister-in-law was offended I implied she and her husband were neglectful parents.

“We argued, then I took my son and went home and my husband wasn’t there.”

She said when her husband arrived home he was fuming and asked why she had insulted them and their parenting skills in their own house when they had just done them a favour, by looking after him.

She responded: “No they did YOU a favour,” as she never asked them to watch her son.

She asked him if he was okay with the way they treated her son and he said no but the way she went about it was totally wrong.

He said to his wife that she still had to apologise, but she; “loudly said “in your dreams” after how my son was treated.”

She said things escalated and she had to take her son and stay with a friend, during that time her husband messaged her saying she was avoiding confrontation and refused to admit she had overstepped.

He told his wife that he only expects her to come back home after apologising to his sister and her husband.

She had asked people for advice as to whether she should have said; “In your dreams” when her husband told her to apologise to his sister and her husband after they made her son wet himself.

Users of the app were predominantly on the mum’s side and found the idea of a 90-minute timeout for a child unreasonable.

The most liked comment with 33k upvotes said: “A 90 minute time out?! WTF that’s absolutely disgusting. Do not apologise. Girl find yourself a divorce lawyer, protect your poor child.”

Another user wrote: “I always thought the rule for little kids was 1 minute per year in age, so a 4-year-old would get a 4 minute time out. 90 minutes is INSANE. Everyone in this story sucks except OP and the child.

A third user responded: “FOR A FOUR-YEAR-OLD ASWELL! BECAUSE HE WAS PLAYING LOUDLY! It’s beyond messed up.”

Since then, the mum has stayed at a friend's as her husband said she should apologise before coming back


Since then, the mum has stayed at a friend’s as her husband said she should apologise before coming backCredit: Getty

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