My daughter’s two and I’ve NEVER washed her hair – trolls say I’m ‘disgusting’ but it doesn’t even get greasy

A WOMAN who has never washed her two-year-old daughter’s hair has been labelled “disgusting” by trolls.

Echika has sparked controversy with a video she posted on TikTok, explaining that she’s only ever rinsed her little girl’s locks with water.

A mum has sparked debate after revealing she's never washed her two-year-old daughter's hair


A mum has sparked debate after revealing she’s never washed her two-year-old daughter’s hairCredit: Instagram/@itsechika
While she rinses it with water, she's never used shampoo, but she does use hair masks around every fortnight


While she rinses it with water, she’s never used shampoo, but she does use hair masks around every fortnightCredit: Instagram/@itsechika

Sharing a look at her daughter’s blonde tresses, Echika wrote over the top: “I have never washed her hair (two years old)”.

In the caption, she explained her top tips, revealing that she occasionally uses argan oil on her hair.

She also uses a hair mask once a week or every fortnight.

“Let your toddler enjoy long luscious hair without knots,” Echika added.

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However, her post dramatically divided opinion on TikTok, with one person writing: “That’s disgusting!”

“No it’s not,” Echika replied.

“I was a hair specialist with a big hair company for a couple of years.

“Water rinses of everything and your own natural oils do the rest of the work.”

“That’s so weird.. water doesn’t remove bacterias and what else do u think shampoo is made for?” another asked.

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“For fun?..”

“Commercial. It is made for making money,” Echika said.

“And because people are used to it, your hair will get greasy every time so you will use it again.”

“It does look oily honestly..” a third insisted.

As someone else wrote: “Ew!”

But others were more on board with the concept.

“To be fair I wish I could only use water to wash my hair, you would save so much money,” one wrote.

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Now the whole process begins again.

“Yes, a big money saver!” Echika said.

“You can train it tho, but probably for washing it once every week/2weeks max I think.

“I managed that before I shaved my hair off.”

“My girl’s hair gets very knotty from friction through the night. how can I help this without conditioning?” someone else asked.

With Echika responding: “A silk pillow case and a silk bonnet can help.

“Also braid your hair before bed works really well, and make sure you blow-dry after you have washed or had you hair wet.”

“My daughter always got food in her hair,” another said.

“I have to use soap.”

“They get food in their hair but just washing with water is enough, you can add a hair mask and some oil to let is smell nice,” Echika answered.

“Shampoo just kills all the good oils.”

“Yep I stopped washing my daughter’s hair and it’s started growing really fast!!!” someone else wrote.

“Thank God it’s okay,” another added.

“I have a son, just turned 4 and i wash his hair with shampoo like once a month,” someone else said.

“I only wash with water and his dark hair is so shiny.”

Her approach divided opinion, with some trolls labelling her 'disgusting' or 'weird'


Her approach divided opinion, with some trolls labelling her ‘disgusting’ or ‘weird’Credit: Getty


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