DEAR DEIDRE: VIDEO games are the priority in my partner’s life, ahead of our relationship.

We are both 27 and have been together since we met when he was out celebrating his 21st.

 My boyfriend's addiction to video games has ruined our sex life and I'm not sure I can put it with it much longer


My boyfriend’s addiction to video games has ruined our sex life and I’m not sure I can put it with it much longerCredit: Getty

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Our sex life was great at the start but now we hardly have one, though he says he still finds me attractive.

All he wants to do when he gets home from work is play his games, and it’s the same at the weekend.

He gets annoyed if I want us to spend time together, though I give him plenty of space to do his own thing and see his mates.

Should I end our relationship? He won’t change.

DEIDRE SAYS: Games are designed to be addictive and his behaviour is that of an addict, jeopardising his relationship for his habit.

Tell him he has to choose, and cut down his gaming if he wants things to last.

Before he decides, suggest he first check out (08000 886 686).

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