Mutant Year Zero developer unveils tactical stealth-action game Corruption 2029

Out on PC later this month.

Developer The Bearded Ladies’ 2018 effort Mutant Year Zero: Road To Eden was a bit of a tactical treat, combining X-COM-like strategy with a wonderfully engaging cast of post-apocalyptic misfits. And it looks like the studio is preparing to do it all again in its latest endeavour, Corruption 2029 – only this time without the anthropomorphic beasts.

Corruption 2029, which, surprisingly, is due to arrive later this month on PC, unfurls in the far-flung future of nine years from now. Players, commanding a squad of heavily augmented soldier types, must creep (or explode) their way across a dystopian America, searching out the mysterious corruption that’s turned the country into a war-ravaged wasteland.

According to its developer, Corruption’s turn-based, cover-based tactical combat (which promises an array of distinct weapons and skills) will – much like Mutant Year Zero – be enhanced by a fair old dollop of stealth. Violence, it says, mightn’t always be the preferable approach to an encounter, and exploring environments undetected, scoping out vantage points, could dramatically improve the chances of success.

That, however, is pretty much all The Bearded Ladies is revealing for now, despite Corruption 2029’s imminent launch. That said, there’s a trailer to accompany the reveal if you fancy giving it a squint and seeing if you can discern more of its secrets yourself.

Corruption 2029, should your interest now be piqued, will cost 15.99/$19.95 USD when it begins its exclusivity dance on the Epic Games Store from 17th February.


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