Mum transforms playhouse into adorable tattoo parlour for one-year-old son

Shay wanted to create something truly unique for her little boy (Picture: Facebook/Kmart Hacks and Decor)

An inventive mum has delighted her baby son by transforming a basic playhouse into a tiny tattoo parlour for him to play in.

Shay Starrenburg, from New Zealand bought the original playhouse from retailer Kmart, but she wanted to create something really special and unique for their son Hudson’s first birthday in November.

So, after assembling the the little house which cost $199 (£103.77), Shay and her husband John painted it inside and out and even added stencils to the walls to make it truly authentic.

‘We were going to do a cafe originally, with all the sign writing, like one of the cool hipster cafes on Pinterest,’ Shay tells

‘Then I just thought, “oh, everyone does cafes let’s do something different, what about a tattoo studio?” – then it could still have the cafe part in it.’

Neither Shay nor her husband have a single tattoo between them (Picture: Instagram/Shay Starrenburg)

The creative pair also wanted to add a few ‘professional’ touches. The little parlour features monogrammed coffee cups, a miniature toy coffee machine, window boxes and outdoor seating. It also has signs that read ‘Tattoos’ and ‘Hudson’s Tattoo Parlour’ – which the couple made from scratch.

‘The hardest part was painting it. It has these annoying little grooves you’ve got to get into on the outside and with the paint being white, it needed a few coats,’ adds Shay.

And if you happen to pay a visit to Hudson’s Tattoo Parlour, you’ll likely come away with a fresh new design somewhere on your body – but don’t worry, all the tattoos offered are temporary.

Hudson had a fantastic first birthday (Picture: Instagram/Shay Starrenburg)

The parents stocked up on removable tattoos, which are all hanging up along the walls of the parlour.

The choice of design is even more interesting because neither Shay nor John have a single tattoo between them – but they were determined to create a playhouse for their son that was completely different to anything else.

The stencils on the wall add a touch of authenticity (Picture: Facebook/Kmart Hacks and Decor)
The monogrammed mugs are a cute touch (Picture: Facebook/Kmart Hacks and Decor)

The pair shared their innovative creation on a Facebook group specifically dedicated for interiors hacks – and people couldn’t get enough.

One said the playhouse transformation was ‘the ‘most awesome I’ve seen! Love it! Well done!’

Another added: ‘This is by far the best one I’ve seen done.’

‘Hudson thinks it’s great fun,’ says Shay.

‘He was loving the playhouse at daycare, he loves going in things at the moment and thinks playing with the cups and slamming the door repeatedly is great fun.

‘The slightly older kids on his birthday thought it was pretty cool and all went home with tattoos – pretend of course!’

All we know is that we are seriously jealous of little Hudson and his playtime.

Have you created anything special for your kids to enjoy? We want to hear about it – get in touch at

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