Mum sticks money to rubbish and hides it to test who actually does housework

She left the money on toilet roll tubes and pieces of paper (Picture: Facebook)

One mum was so sick of tidying up around the house, she decided to do a little experiment.

The Australian woman attached money to pieces of rubbish with ‘finders keepers’ notes.

The idea was to see if anyone bothered to pick things up when she didn’t do it.

But after six days, the rubbish was untouched.

Her post on Facebook said: ‘Needing something to inspire kids and husbands to tidy up around the house? Clearly this game hasn’t worked here yet, maybe one day.

After a week, it was still there (Picture: Facebook)

‘For now, I’ll keep upping the prize money, knowing it’s coming back.’

She posted the images on Facebook showing the location of the rubbish for each day of the week.

The post has been liked over 4,500 times with lots of people praising the idea.

She plans to add more as time goes on (Picture: Facebook)

One said: ‘My kids would probably pick it up, take out the money, throw it back on the floor and forget about the entire purpose.’

Another added: ‘The rolls would start to decompose in my house – no one would pick them up even if it saved their life,’ another commented.

Elsewhere on Facebook, mums have been sharing their own parenting hacks.

One woman made her son the ‘shopping officer’ at the supermarket, complete with a uniform, to keep him occupied when they are picking up groceries.

Another mum revealed that she has created a school bag station to put everything in one place and make getting out of the house easier every morning.

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