Mum slams supermarket for ‘inappropriate’ kids book for Christmas – but can you spot the issue?

WITH less than a month until Christmas – many of us are checking out shops to find the perfect gifts for our loved ones.

However, one mum has been left raging after spotting an ‘inappropriate’ buy while looking for Christmas books for her child.

The mum wasn't happy with the cheeky Christmas book she spotted


The mum wasn’t happy with the cheeky Christmas book she spottedCredit: Tiktok / @kellanne23

Taking to social media, Klyanne shared the ‘gross’ find she found while in Kmart.

“So I’m here at Kmart, right?” she began.

Klyanne added that she was in the ‘children’s book area’ and was shocked by what she ‘stumbled upon’.

But can you spot the problem?

Klyanne seemed upset over the book’s cheeky front cover.

The product in question was a book titled ‘Santa’s Stuck!’ which had a cut-out throughout the pages where a bent over Santa plushie behind was protruding out.

A speech bubble on the front cover saw the stuck Santa calling out: “HO-HO-HELP!”

“I just find it really, like, not for kids,” she went on.

The mum admitted that Father Christmas’ bum cheeks were ‘squishy’ and ‘maybe a sensory thing’, as she pocked the book to demonstrate.

However, the mum asked: “Why is this a book for children. Why?

She claimed the book wasn't appropriate fir kids - can you spot why?


She claimed the book wasn’t appropriate fir kids – can you spot why?Credit: Tiktok / @kellanne23
It's not the only festive buy that's sparked outrage


It’s not the only festive buy that’s sparked outrageCredit: Tiktok / @kellanne23

“It’s not right for kids.”

The overlay text read: “Kmart what is this?”

The Christmas-themed book was clearly not something Klyanne was going to pick up to put under the tree.

“Don’t get me wrong I love Kmart but I don’t think this is for kids.” she captioned the clip posted to her TikTok account @kellanne23.

But it’s not the only company that has gotten in trouble for it’s cheeky Christmas joke.

Recently, Sainsbury’s was slammed for their tongue-in-cheek festive card featuring two pigs covered in snow, with the message: “Don’t worry, I hear we’re getting some blankets!”

Social media users were outraged with one Twitter user branding it as ‘distasteful’ and ‘unnecessary’, adding: “Why @Sainsburys thinks this is so funny it’s worthy of a Christmas card is beyond me?”

“This card is completely vile, Sainsbury’s should be ashamed of themselves,” penned a second.

A third added: “Shocking @sainsburys. It’s very offensive to vegetarians, vegans and animal lovers.”

The card which wasn’t manufactured by Sainsbury’s but sold in their stores was removed form shelves following the backlash.

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