Mum shares how she uses an Apple AirTag to track her daughter on school trips but parents are totally divided

ANY parent knowns how nerve-racking is can be when your little one goes on a school trip.

Even when you know they’re in completely safe hands, it’s natural to worry.

The hack left some parents divided


The hack left some parents dividedCredit: TikTok/shayleezus
The AirTag was cleverly hidden in the little one's hair


The AirTag was cleverly hidden in the little one’s hairCredit: TikTok/shayleezus

But one mum has shared the clever solution she came up with to give her some peace of mind.

Sharing her hack on TikTok, the mum who goes by Shayleezus, explained how she hides an Apple AirTag on her daughter.

The mum added the AirTag onto an elastic bracelet then used it like a bobble to secure her little one’s hair.

Next, to hide the tracking device she wrapped the rest of her locks around it to form a bun hairstyle and secured it all in place with another bobble, plus a bow.

“Parent hack! I was able to track my baby to and from her field trip today and it gave me so much peace of mind,” she captioned the clip.

The video soon went viral and has so for amassed over 17.4 million views, but not everyone thought the so-called hack was such a great idea.

“Wouldn’t anybody with an iPhone get a notification there’s an AirTag with them,” someone pointed out.

But others and tried and tested the hack for themselves and said they had no issues.

“My son went to London with school for the first time and I stitched an AirTag into his trouser pocket,” one mum wrote.

“I don’t have an AirTag but I keep my headphones in my daughter’s picket because I can track those,” another commented.

“This is a great idea! However please let her teacher know simply so they don’t freak out if they get the notification that an AirTag is near,” someone one else said.

“They have an AirTag holder for shoes, you should look into that,” wrote another.

And a teacher even praised the trick: “As a former teacher I highly recommend this! Field trips are tough and your kids do get lost.”

The mum shared the clever trick on social media


The mum shared the clever trick on social mediaCredit: TikTok/shayleezus


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