Mum shares easy hack for folding fitted sheets perfectly every time

A woman on TikTok has shared a video of her mum expertly folding a fitted sheet fresh off the washing line, and people are amazed at how easy her technique is

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TikTok user shows off her mother’s folding technique

Folding a fitted sheet is notoriously difficult, and many of us who try to make sense of the fabric will no doubt end up screwing it into a ball out of frustration.

But one mum has shown us all the hack we needed to save our suffering – and it’s so easy, you’ll kick yourself for not thinking of it on your own.

Amy Danastas, @amymaree922, posted a video of her mum folding a fitted sheet on TikTok, and the trick is to do the folding as soon as the sheet is dry and is still on the clothesline.

The mum first takes each side of the sheet and folds them in toward the middle, which conceals those pesky elasticated corners.

The mum made folding fitted sheets look easy



All you need to do is fold it while its still on the line



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She then folds them in again to create one long column, before taking it off the line and folding it in half, and then in half again.

Amy captioned the video: “Thanks Mum for the tip on how to fold a fitted sheet!”

And people online can’t get enough of the life-changing hack, as the clip has over 3.5 million views, as well as over 260,000 likes.

The video also has more than 3,700 comments from people who are blown away by just how easy the mum makes folding a fitted sheet look.

One person wrote: “She cracked a code we didn’t even know existed.”

To which a second said: “This is the best tutorial on folding that sheet ever.”

And a different commenter added: “This has just saved a lot of stress.”

Other commenters were quick to joke about how they deal with the nightmare bed linen.

Someone said: “So you don’t roll in a ball and hide in a cupboard?”

While another person asked for more help and added: “Can she teach us how to do it if we don’t have a clothesline? I just scrunch it up.”

And a third posted: “I literally rip it off the line and stuff it in my cupboard.”

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