Mum leaves fellow parents bemused with 'unreasonable' complaint about bath mat

We all know what a bath mat is, right?

A mat which is placed next to the bath or shower, for one to stand on when they get out, so as not to slip with their wet feet or totally soak the bathroom.

They’re pretty useful things, but one woman seems to have missed the point of them entirely and her comments have left fellow parents baffled.

Writing on Netmums, an unnamed mum explained that she absolutely hates her bath mat getting wet and wishes her children would find another way to dry their feet.

Um… WHAT?!

She doesn’t like her bath mat to get wet (stock photo)


She said: “So I have an unreasonable annoyance.

“When my kids get out the shower they stand on the bath mat with soaking feet… mmmm I hear you say… but if they would just wipe their feet on their towel as they got out, the bath mat wouldn’t be SOAKED and need washing.

“My husband laughs about this, someone tell me I’m not the only one to have unreasonable annoyances haha.”

Dozens of fellow mums replied to the post, with many arguing that the whole point of a bath mat was for it to get wet.

She wishes her kids would dry their feet on towels instead (stock photo)


One person asked: “Isn’t that what a bath mat is for?”

Another commented: “That’s what it’s for, to stop you getting water all over the bathroom floor.”

A third wrote: “I thought a bath mat was in place to have something warm and comfortable to step on to, to stop the floor from getting wet and to prevent slipping and falling back into the shower causing injury to the unfortunate victim.”

Someone else added: “You should buy a mat for your mat.”

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However it turned out she wasn’t the only one who felt this way about bath mats.

A different user proclaimed: “I feel the same, always telling hubby and boys to dry their feet first! Cannot stand a soaking wet bath mat.”

A second admitted: “I thought I was on my own with this!! But it’s not because the bath mat is treasured, it’s because it’s not nice walking over a wet mat all the rest of your times.”

Others suggested she buy a memory foam bath mat, as they “soak up the water asap”.

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