Mum is devastated after her brother uninvites her kids from his wedding

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A woman has taken to Mumsnet to ask whether it’s unreasonable for her to feel upset that her children have been uninvited from her brother’s wedding.

She explained that her brother is getting married and that he has no kids.

Her children, aged 10, were invited and were very excited to be at their uncle’s wedding. But later, the brother explained that the guest list had gotten too big and so the children were uninvited.

She wrote: ‘I’m not sure if I’m being unreasonable to be upset about this or wether [sic] just to suck it up.

‘My brother is getting married, he has no kids. My kids were told they were invited so were very excited (they are 10 and very sensible so would not be kicking off in the ceremony).

‘They have never been to a wedding before, there are not other kids in our family so this was a big deal to them.

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They are now uninvited because the guest list is too big so there is a no kid policy to exclude the kids of the brides cousins and other guests kids.

‘I know IABU and it’s their wedding, they can invite who they like but I feel really sad that my kids will miss the wedding of the uncle they idolise and they will be so disappointed that they now can’t come.

‘I really don’t know wether [sic] to tell my brother and his fiancé that it’s quite upsetting or just to pretend we are all fine with it.

‘I also am thinking I should pass the uninviting job to my brother and let him deal with explaining the reversal of invite.’

Since posting, the woman has received lots of support from other mums, who feel she definitely has a right to be upset. Most added that it should be her brother’s responsibility to tell the children they are no longer invited, not hers.

One said: ‘It’s s*** of them to invite them then uninvite them. Tell your brother he has to explain it to them himself.’

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Another wrote: ‘Talk to your brother, be understanding of his choice, but add that the kids were so excited and he needs to talk to them and have that conversation himself.

‘He’s chosen to uninvite, he needs to tell those he’s uninviting.’

However, someone else told the mum she should just ‘suck it up’, saying: ‘I find sometimes close family assume that their kids will be invited and then are a bit upset when it comes to the invites, to find the kids aren’t actually invited.

‘I think suck it up in this situation as you’d be unreasonable to demand a say in who they invite.’

Of course this is a tricky one – it is her brother’s wedding after all. But do you think it was wrong of him to uninvite the children and leave it up to his sister to tell them? Let us know in the comments below.

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