Mum has ‘no regrets’ leaving children and husband in economy while she flies first class

Naomi Kisted, from Essex, gets paid to travel to far-flung destinations around the world and then blogs about her experience.

She believes young children should be banned from first class unless “they’re really well-behaved” as she doesn’t believe it’s fair for passengers to pay a lot of money and to have it ruined by screaming kids.

The 40-year-old, who is also a fashion and beauty presenter, has no qualms about being wined and dined in first class while daughter Fleur, nine, son Rocco, three, and partner Haydn, 40, sit in economy.

“We have a really good life and I want the kids to understand the value of money and the importance of working hard,” she told The Sun.

“I want the kids to understand the value of money”

Naomi Kisted

Naomi explained: “They’re too young to really appreciate first class.

“I’m sure people will think ‘oh my God’ but if you’re in a position where you have these kinds of opportunities, how do you teach your kids the value of money?

“I wasn’t handed anything on a plate as a child or a teenager, I’ve worked for everything I’ve got.”

The mum-of-two, who goes on five to six plush holidays a year with her kids, says she never feels guilty about only upgrading her seat.

Speaking about how her husband feels about being left in economy, she told the Daily Mail: “Haydn is fine about it.

“Like myself, he appreciates spending time with the kids in these particular situations, he understands what I’m bringing to our lives. We are so lucky to even get to travel.

“The kids understand that it’s my job and why I’m in first class, while they’re in economy, because hard work brings rewards.”


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