Mum folds pyjamas into pairs in seconds with simple hack

Fold Pjs easily (Picture: @organizingbyivonne/TikTok)

Keeping kids organised can be a bit of a chore but one mum has shown a way to ensure PJs are kept in the drawer together.

She folds everything with a simple back and they can be put away neatly.

Showing the trick on TikTok, the mum, who posts under Organizing By Ivonne, demonstrated how she frsit takes the t-shirt and places the bottoms in the middle.

She then folds the arms over the bottoms, folds the top of the t-shirt to the bottom, and tucks it together with the collar.

It means that everything is tucked in a neat little parcel and will stay together in the drawer.

Kids can easily pick out the PJs they want to wear without them getting mixed up.

The clip has been viewed over 4.3 million times and had over 250,000 likes on TikTok.

One parent said: ‘Saves so much time on trying to find the matching shorts or shirt… love it!!!’

Another added: ‘After seeing your video I went to my 5 year olds pjds drawer and did this to them! thank you… took max 5 minutes! will do with my 7 month old too.’

It’s not Ivonne’s only folding trick though – she also has tricks on her account to fold t-shirts, baby clothes and towels.

Her towel video has a range of options, including folding it into thirds and tucking the sides together, folding into thirds and then half and finally folding diagonally, rolling and then tucking in the end.

Excuse us, we’ve got some folding to do.

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