Mum cruelly savaged after sharing unintentionally rude name she gave her newborn daughter

CHOOSING a baby name is completely subjective – after all, your favourite moniker might not be someone else’s cup of tea.

But one thing that anyone should really consider when settling on a baby’s name is to read it aloud in full.

A woman has been cruelly trolled after revealing unintentional rude name she gave her newborn daughter


A woman has been cruelly trolled after revealing unintentional rude name she gave her newborn daughterCredit: Getty

After all, you don’t want to run the risk of them being bullied throughout their school years because you’ve made an unintentional awkward blunder.

Well, one woman, who recently welcomed her baby daughter, appears to have done just that and has been savagely trolled after revealing her newborn daughter’s rather X-rated name.

Christian Instagram influencer Kelly Havens Stickle, who lives in the US with her three children and husband, took to social media earlier this year to reveal she was pregnant again.

On May 6, she shared an update with her followers revealing that her third child had been born premature and with difficulty.

“Our little firecracker daughter burst wildly into the outside world 3 weeks early on Wednesday, May 1,” she penned.

Tess Stickle burst wildly into the world. I cannot. She HAS to know

Social media user

“After a very unexpected drive to the hospital, 1,500 ML of blood loss in two hours, a full placental previa and one of the most miraculous natural deliveries the doctors and nurses have ever seen.

“”I’ve been swimming in a quiet awe over the presence of God. In our bodies, in our wombs, in every detail of life when we completely trust in Him.”

Alongside the caption, Kelly shared a series of adorable photos taken after the birth, before announcing her newborn daughter’s name.

“Meet Theresa Havens Stickle,” she wrote.

But unfortunately for Kelly, it wasn’t long before her chosen moniker caused quite a stir online, with many quick to point out the possible rude nickname she might garner.

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“You named your daughter… Tess Stickle???” wrote one.

A second penned: “Tess Stickle burst wildly into the world. I cannot. She HAS to know.”

A third commented: “Bigus… dicus? Tess… stickle?”

Meanwhile, a fourth chimed in: “Too innocent and trad to realise the mistake.”

And one more quipped: “I’m sure she’ll have a ball.”

Unusual baby names 2024

Many parents are opting for meaningful names in 2024 with unisex names on the rise due to their unique element, it’s hard to categorise them.

With celebrities at the forefront of this growing trend, after Ed Sheeran named his latest addition Jupiter Seaborn, and Kylie Jenner who named her newborn Aire – it would seem having a unique, unisex name is more common than you think.

Unusual baby names documented in 2024 include:

  • Halo
  • Aire
  • Elio
  • Royal
  • Atticus
  • Ori
  • Starlette
  • Snowdrop
  • Kahlani
  • Zyla
  • Teddy
  • Ezra
  • Beau
  • Otto


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