Mum baffled over neighbours 'bonkers' list of demands for family dog

Man’s best friend is facing some harsh feedback.

One mum was left seething after her neighbour accused her of trying to kill her daughter – by letting their dog into their private garden.

Originally the two families got on very well, but a crack emerged after the neighbours found out they were getting a dog, as their child is extremely allergic.

Writing on Mumsnet, the woman said: “We mentioned that we were purchasing a dog In which they had mortified looks on their faces and explained their [child] is extremely allergic to dogs.”

She continued: “After that every time we bumped into them they kept asking if we “changed our minds” which we found so awkward.

Women arguing
The pair had a disagreenent (stock photo)

“But in the end, we told them not getting a dog wasn’t an option as we have always wanted one but are happy to work things out so it’s safe for their child.

“They took this badly and didn’t speak to us for a while. Closer to us picking up the dog we went around and asked what they would like us to do to ensure safety for their child.”

At the time, the neighbours told the family to keep the dog inside while their daughter was in the garden – which has started causing issues a year on, as the child is often outside.

The mum continued: “At first we tried to play ball like if our dog wanted to wee, we would walk him to the park 10 minutes but now it’s just getting ridiculous so we have started letting him go to wee when it’s raining outside because we really can’t be asked to walk 20 minutes just for that.”

A year on, this caused a rift as the woman came out and shouted at her saying she was going to kill her child.

“Am I being unreasonable to think that our dog has every much right to use our garden as a child? Our poor dog loves to be outside but is trapped inside because of this and I’m starting to think it’s really unfair,” asked the mum, dubbing the rules “bonkers.”

In another comment, the woman said they also weren’t allowed to park their car on the drive, in case their dog touches the other families car.

She added: “Honestly I know it sounds mental but we were just so fearful of falling out with them and having nightmare neighbours.”

People were split, as many acknowledged the difficulties faced by the parents.

One commented: “Oh f*** that’s awkward. Their requests are unreasonable, but if their daughter is that allergic then, of course, they’re worried.”

Another said: “They aren’t being reasonable with the time split. They need to be more realistic and fair.”

“I think it’s unfair to be mad at the mother for screaming. For her to see a dog must be similar to a normal person seeing a lion.

“You don’t think rationally when faced with such a fear,” added a third.


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