Mrs. American Pie: Kaia Gerber will star in Apple TV's upcoming series

If you thought you were getting toward the end of your must-watch list, think again, because Apple TV+ has just released lots of juicy cast member updates for its original comedy series, Mrs. American Pie.

Here’s everything we know about the upcoming 10-episode series so far. 

Who will star in Mrs. American Pie?

Well, the better question at this point might be, “who doesn’t star in the new series?”, because the cast member list is pretty star-studded. 

The main character, Maxine Simmons, is played by Bridesmaids star Kristen Wiig (all hail), who will be joined by a pretty impressive roster, including recurring stars Jordan Bridges (Old Man, Rizzoli & Isles), Kaia Gerber (yep, Cindy Crawford’s daughter), Jason Canela, Mindy Cohn, Julia Duffy and Claudia Ferri. Phew, scuse us while we catch our breath. 

The 10-episode series also stars Laura Dern, Carol Burnett, Ricky Martin, Amber Chardae Robinson, Allison Janney, and Leslie Bibb.

What is the plot of Mrs. American Pie?

Written by Abe Sylvia and directed by Tate Taylor, Mrs. American Pie is a story about “gorgeously impossible people”. Set during the powder keg era of the early 1970s, it follows Maxine Simmons (aka Kristen) and her attempt to secure her seat at America’s most exclusive table: Palm Beach high society. 

As Maxine attempts to cross that impermeable line between the haves and the have-nots, the series asks the age-old question that we just can’t seem to answer no matter how hard we try: how do you get a seat at the table? And perhaps more worryingly (although perfect for must-watch TV), what will you do to get there?

It sounds to us a bit like a Mean Girls cum Gossip Girl cum The OC, but just with more laughs. 

Is there a trailer for Mrs. American Pie?

Sadly, there is not a trailer that is currently available for Mrs. American Pie but do keep checking back as you can bet that we’re refreshing our YouTube as ferociously as the Deliveroo map when we’re hungover and starving. 

When is the release date for Mrs. American Pie?

Though we don’t have an exact release date for the series yet, Apple TV+ have kindly confirmed that the show will definitely be released in 2022, which means there’s only a maximum of six months to wait. That’s not bad, especially when you think about how long we waited for Stranger Things: Season 4 to drop, amiright?!


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