Movies set in 2020: What A Quiet Place, Edge of Tomorrow, Reign of Fire and MORE predicted

Edge of Tomorrow (2014)

Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt’s sci-fi action-adventure sees Earth under attack from invincible aliens. Cruise’s Major William Cage finds himself assigned to a suicide mission in which he dies over and over again in a time loop, as he trains to get closer to finally defeating the aliens. Sadly, such technology doesn’t exist, but thankfully we’re not being invaded my extra-terrestrials.

Mission to Mars (2000)

Brian De Palma’s sci-fi adventure was based on Disneyland’s attraction of the same name.

Mission to Mars saw the first manned exploration of the red planet go wrong, so a rescue mission is organised to save a colleague.

While the first person on Mars is still not a reality, various agencies around the world have been delivering proposals for such a mission this decade.

In fact, NASA is under presidential orders to land humans on Mars by 2033.

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Terminator Dark Fate (2019)

It was only released this year but the Judgement Day prevented by Sarah Connor in 1991 only meant another future was created.

Apparently next year another Terminator will be sent back to attempt to murder the next leader of the human resistance in the alternate future.

Poor Sarah, it just seems a war with the machines can’t be stopped no matter what she changes.

Movies set in 2019 included Blade Runner, Akira and The Island.

Harrison Ford’s 1982 sci-fi saw constant rain and smog covering the skies – perhaps a prediction of the world’s worsening environment issues.

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While Blade Runner also predicted robots called replicants, who are indistinguishable from humans, living among us.

We may not be there yet with AI, but robotics continue to advance, with facial and vocal reconstructions getting better and better, making it harder to recognise the difference between the real deal and the created.


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