MOTF unveils its first cashmere and wool collection

Like every year, the return of winter also means the return of knitwear. However, each year this cold weather staple receives some sort of update, which makes us seek comfort yet again. This year, MOTF, Shein’s premium brand, unveils its very first cashmere and wool collection. Read along to get inspired by different wool types and their properties, this season’s trends and how to combine everything to create a look warm enough to brave even the coldest of winter days and nights.

Different wools and their properties


Perhaps the most widely used wool, lambswool has proven its place in our wardrobes. It is extremely warm, breathable as well as soft, proving to be the perfect material for a sweater. This material can be acquired easier than some of the other materials introduced below, which is why the use of lambswool is so common. It also results in a more affordable price than other wool alternatives.


Perhaps the most luxurious out of all wools, cashmere is extremely soft, durable and warm. Cashmere generally tends to be on the more expensive side, due to the premium qualities of this material and the scarcity of it. However, a cashmere sweater can be a lifelong investment that never goes out of style.


A choice for the comfort seekers, mohair offers an extremely soft finish. It is extremely smooth to the touch and also looks extremely cozy, due to its slightly fuzzy finish. This luxurious quality feels great but it might result in less durability than other wool alternatives.

Merino wool

Merino wool is a wool that is known for extremely soft finish and comfort. As we all know, some wools tend to be slightly itchy, but merino wool is the most comfortable choice. This is why this is an ideal choice for thermals or loungewear, something that is in direct contact with the skin.

Why wool blends?

The reason why wool blends are widely used is due to the fact that pure wool garments can sometimes be itchy, shrink in the wash and of course be very expensive. By adding synthetic fibres or other wools, some of the negative qualities can be reduced. For example, by adding nylon with lambswool, the garment washes better, becomes more durable and the price becomes lower. Some blends are also all natural, for example wool mixed with cotton. The wool blend of choice depends on what the desired properties of the garment are, which is why the decision should be made carefully.

In its new collection, MOTF has chosen to combine all of the premium materials highlighted above with different wool blends. This is because MOTF wants to offer something for everyone. The collection thus features both 100% cashmere items as well as different types of wool blends, so that everyone can enjoy knitwear that suits their style and their budget.

Knitwear trends of the season

Wool dresses and skirts

The last year spent inside has left a mark on us forever. We are increasingly looking for pieces that are both comfortable and elegant. One perfect knitwear trend that meets the brief is the wool dresses and skirts. These femininely elegant garments are both comfortable and chic at the same time. Especially during winter months, this trend is perfect for the dress and skirt lovers. Combine the wool dress with some thick stockings and you are good to go, even if the temperatures fall below zero.

Two piece sets

Another trend stemming from our increased time at home is the two piece set trend. This trend combines comfort with ultimate sophistication. No tight waistbands or squeezing seams in sight. What more could we want? Wearing a matching skirt or trousers with a knitted jumper or cardigan instantly elevates your look, all the while remaining comfortable. This trend is suitable for lounging around the house as well as the workplace. Styled correctly, this trend will not look out of place even at your Monday morning meeting.

Cable knit

This evergreen cable knit is back, yet again. This is a trend that reinvents itself almost every season, and this year is no exception. This time, we are seeing the cozy and comforting cable knit in new exciting shades and silhouettes. Think emerald greens and overstated shoulders. However, there is good news even for the less daring winter dresser. The cable knit is also available in muted tones and classic designs. There is thus a cable knit for everyone.


A fresh knitwear trend is the ribbed style. The ribbed knit is especially featured on knitwear that is thinner and tighter to the skin. This is why this trend looks so modern, since it is a fresh contrast with the super chunky and oversized knits that we are seeing also this year. The ribbed trend is thus

Knit accessories

To top off your look, make sure to check out the wool and cashmere accessories of MOTF’s new collection. The most on-trend pieces are the hats. This year, we have seen the return of the iconic beret, which looks incredibly chic paired with a tailored woolen coat and heeled boots. The only thing you are missing is a fresh baguette from the local bakery and you would not be out of place on a Parisian cobbled street.

Another, perhaps a more trendy style is the woolen bucket hat. This style, which reminds us of effortless summer days by the beach or of a youthful festival, has received an elegant update. Give the wool bucket hat a try this season, and combine practicality without giving up on style.

Naturally, the collection also includes beanies in many different finishes, colours as well as knits. A true winter wardrobe staple. For an added cool factor, match your gloves and scarf to your beanie. Your look will be instantly elevated.

Knitwear colors

The colours of this season continue with the sophisticated theme. Think browns, beiges, whites and blacks. For a pop of colour, MOTF is featuring some jumpers in bright reds and emerald greens. The colours of the collection make it easy to pair the knitwear pieces with other items from the collection as well as your existing wardrobe. By featuring these neutral tones, the MOFT collection emulates elegance and sophistication. This effect is heightened since the pieces themselves are already extremely premium-looking.

With all this knitwear knowledge, discover MOTF’s new collection and pick the right knitwear for your budget and your style.


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