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More And More Video Games Are Now Tackling Mental Health Issues – A Plus

As noted in a roundup by The Gamer about video games tackling the tough subject, in the game Gris, a young girl navigates the five stages of grief while trying to find her voice. In the game Celeste, a young girl is trying to climb a mountain to find the right path of her life. She suffers from anxiety. In The Last Of Us, the main character loses his daughter in an apocalyptic event before going on a journey to overcome his grief. In the game Limbo, the main character is traveling through a black and white world with no voice, completely alone and amongst violence. As The Gamer put it, Limbo is “grief and depression given form.”

Because video games are much more interactive than movies or television, some experts have said the new theme of games could help people “bounce back” quicker than traditional forms of entertainment, according to The Times


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