Monica, Brandy

Matt Baron/BEI/Shutterstock

You just never know what really happens backstage.

When it comes to Hollywood’s biggest award shows, things may look peaceful and glamorous in front of the camera. But according to one veteran music producer, it’s not always the case behind the scenes.

In a new interview with VLAD TV, producer Dallas Austin decided to shed some light into the “heavyweight beef” Monica and Brandy had back in the day.

As it turns out, things got physical between the two before they performed “The Boy Is Mine” at an award show back in 1998.

“Before they could even get to the stage, Monica decked her in the face, popped her in the face backstage and this was even before the performance,” Dallas shared. “Monica never liked Brandy.”

But how did they create the smash-hit single “The Boy Is Mine” together when they supposedly hated each other?

According to Dallas, they recorded the song separately. And when it was time to film the music video,  there was “no interaction, no friendship.”

“Monica was at the epitome of finding her real self,” Dallas claimed. “She went through a lot of stuff and If you didn’t have gold teeth, she didn’t like you. She was really hood in Atlanta.”

As to whether or not Dallas could have predicted a physical altercation at an award show, he simply stayed, “I knew she was going to say something flip.” But a punch? Maybe not!



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