Molly-Mae snubs Tommy Fury on solo night out after taking off £600k engagement ring amid finance’s partying

MOLLY-MAE Hague snubbed fiancé Tommy Fury last night as she went for a solo evening out after his wild partying in Abu Dhabi.

The influencer, 24, has ditched her £600,000 ring in recent days after video footage emerged of Tommy dancing next to US singer Chris Brown and being pushed in the face by a woman in a night club.

Tommy Fury's partying in Abu Dhabi hasn't gone down well with Molly-Mae


Tommy Fury’s partying in Abu Dhabi hasn’t gone down well with Molly-Mae
Molly-Mae has ditched her expensive engagement ring in recent days


Molly-Mae has ditched her expensive engagement ring in recent daysCredit: Instagram
Moly-Mae was left sspeechless after watching Saltburn at the cinema


Moly-Mae was left sspeechless after watching Saltburn at the cinema

Full details of the interaction are yet to come to light, but fans are speculating that Tommy was ‘rejected’ by the woman and Molly-Mae isn’t happy.

Last night she went for a solo cinema date, despite Tommy being back in the country, to watch critically acclaimed film Saltburn and agreed with fans that it is one of the year’s best films.

She shared a picture of her ticket and wrote: “I love a film with twists more than anything… and this had twist after twist. The ending! Wow.”

“I know this will be one of those films that I wish I could watch for the first time again so I didn’t know what was going to happen… A real hard watch at moments though.”

Earlier today we revealed how Molly-Mae has begged Tommy to ditch his new party boy lifestyle.

While Tommy was showing off his best moves surrounded by glamorous women and smoking beside controversial star Chris, Molly-Mae was at home with daughter Bambi.

Insiders say Tommy’s antics haven’t gone down very well at all and he is well and truly in the dog house.

A source said: “Molly has made no secret of the fact she doesn’t like it when Tommy parties too hard.

“This weekend has ended up being a real embarrassment to her. She was mortified when she kept getting tagged in videos while she was just trying to enjoy a festive weekend with Bambi.

“She has told Tommy it really has to stop now he’s a dad and has told him to ditch some of his pals, who she thinks are a bad influence.

“There are certain people he always goes too far with and it would be easier for everyone if they were out of his life.”

Tommy was in Abu Dhabi for the Formula One Grand Prix and ended up in a nightclub dancing music bad boy Chris.

Molly previously revealed that booze is one of the main causes of rows between her and Tommy.

She wrote in her book Becoming Molly Mae: “The only major arguments Tommy and I have had have been to do with him drinking.

“Which he only does a few times a year. He won’t even do anything wrong; I’ll just lose it at him because I hate it.

“I do have this anxiety around alcohol and the things I’ve seen it do to the people around me – I personally don’t think that alcohol adds anything good to a situation.

“In my experience, yes, it might temporarily make you have a better night out, but the next day you’re suffering the repercussions when you have a terrible hangover. Maybe I’ve just never had a good experience with it.”

Tommy and Molly met on Love Island in 2019.

They became parents in January this year when they welcomed their daughter Bambi into the world.

Tommy popped the question over the summer with a romantic proposal, on a cliff top in Ibiza, with a ring thought to be worth over £600k.

Tommy popped the question with a huge ring over the summer


Tommy popped the question with a huge ring over the summer


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