Minecraft removes references to Notch

UPDATE 1.45pm: It looks like Microsoft is pushing a similar change live to the game’s non-Bedrock console editions, such as its Xbox 360 and PlayStation 4 versions, overseen by 4J Studios:

ORIGINAL STORY 10.25am:A new Minecraft update has removed references to creator Markus “Notch” Persson from the game’s main menu.

Messages such as “Made by Notch!”, “The Work of Notch!” and “110813!” – a nod to the date Notch got married – now no longer appear.

Notch is still listed as Minecraft’s creator in the game’s credits, however.

Dozens of messages are randomly shown in the yellow splash text.

Microsoft, which has owned Minecraft since Notch sold all rights to it for $2.5bn back in 2014, is yet to comment on the decision. But the change feels like it has been a while coming.

For years now, Notch has cultivated a spiky and frequently offensive Twitter profile, and fired off numerous bigoted messages that do not fit with the game’s family audience – or indeed, any audience.

We’ve contacted Microsoft for more.


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