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Messiah ending explained: Is the final scene a hoax? All of the clues you missed

Messiah on Netflix examines what happens when someone claiming to be the Second Coming of Jesus Christ gains a following. As viewers attempted to work out whether he was the real deal or a con man, the series kept viewers guessing about the truth. So has this finally been revealed or is this just another trick from the mysterious Al-Masih (played by Mehdi Dehbi)?

Is the final scene of Messiah a hoax?

The first season of Messiah ended on Netflix with a huge reveal about the character of Al-Masih.

Throughout the series, the big question was whether the character was actually a prophet or whether he was a con man.

The problem was seemingly resolved in the final episode when his past as a trickster with a history of receiving psychiatric treatment was leaked to US news outlets.

However, the final few moments left viewers doubting whether the whole story has been revealed yet.

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When the plane Aviram Dahan (Tomer Sisley) had taken Al-Masih on crash-landed, it seemed like everyone was surely dead.

But viewers watched as Al-Masih walked away completely unharmed when the plane landed on a field of flowers.

Then in another twist, he was seen to resurrect Dahan and other crew members in the final moments.

But while this seemingly confirmed how he may actually be the religious figure he claimed to be, some fans were left wondering if this was just another deceit.

2. The landing location seems too convenient

The area in which the plane crash lands is almost entirely covered in sand save for the field of poppies which the plane actually crashed on.

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While it is an arresting visual image, this makes it seem too much of a coincidence this is where they landed and it is almost as if it had been planned.

3. Are they actually dead?

The show seems to imply the crew members were all dead by having flies around their bodies but this is never actually officially confirmed.

The only person viewers learn this from is the previously mentioned Malik who may not be entirely trustworthy.

What’s more, viewers do not actually see the miracle, which may leave them wondering if Dahan and the others even needed to be resurrected.

4. Al-Masih’s name

One of the biggest theories of the show’s first series has been all about how Al-Masih may actually be the Antichrist.

This all stemmed from the similarity of his name to a figure of deceit in Islam theology named Al-Masih ad-Dajjal.

They are an Antichrist-like figure who is known for their deceiving ways.

Therefore, if Al-Masih is linked to them or is at least the con man who he was outed to be on the show, it seems he may not be trustworthy.

Messiah is now available to stream on Netflix.


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