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Mercedes Will Let You Play Racing Video Games In Your Car – CarBuzz

Mercedes is no stranger to the Mario Kart franchise, having introduced three of its iconic models into the game back in 2014. The demo wasn’t actually Mario Kart, but an open-source version called SuperTuxKart. The game may not feature iconic characters like Mario, Luigi, and Bowser, but all of the essential controls are present – the player has the ability to steer, drift, and pick up items to use against opposing racers.

The MBUX system allows you to control the in-game car using the real-life steering wheel and pedals – the paddle shifters even control the drift and item functions. These aren’t the only elements of the car integrated into the game either. Since the whole car is connected to the game, the air vents blow air depending on your speed in the game, the ambient lighting goes from red to green when the race starts, and the seatbelt tightens when you crash.


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