Fancy some nice, wholesome chocolate for your Easter hamper?

How about these tasty bunnies with… wait, woah, what are those?

Giant chocolate rabbits have been melting on the shelves into Dali-esque nightmare creatures, and suddenly we’re fine with giving up sweets for Lent.

We’ll take zero (Picture: Huxley Magic/SWNS)
Seriously, wtf (Picture: Huxley Magic /SWNS)
Aldi needs more air conditioning (Picture: Huxley Magic/SWNS)

The £3.99 bunnies were pictured on sale by the entrance to Aldi in Cowes, Isle of Wight.

They were snapped by Huxley Magic, who describes himself as an award-winning magician living on the island.

He posted on Facebook: ‘Hope you are all feeling smiley in the sun. Not like the horror show that’s going on in Aldi’s doorway!

‘I would also add, I do love Aldi and the staff there. They said they would get someone on it.’