Meghan Joins Harry On Stage At Wembley To Celebrate Young People

Since her initiation into the royal family in May 2018, the Duchess of Sussex has made it her mission to empower women, promote culture and buoy up the young people in British society. On March 6, Meghan made a surprise appearance at the SSE Wembley Arena where her husband Prince Harry was making a speech regarding the latter in support of We Day.

The philanthropic event was founded by the brothers behind children’s rights organisation We Charity to celebrate the young people who are committed to making a difference. When Prince Harry was booked to appear at the stadium, it was not known that his wife would appear alongside him.

“I am proud to stand before you and see you just as enthusiastic as I remembered,” Prince Harry said, while holding hands with a beaming Meghan. “With all of that activism, some might think you’d be exhausted – but look at you, (and listen to you) – you know the secret! That in giving back, in fighting the good fight, it doesn’t exhaust you, it energises you.”

After deeming the youths the “most engaged generation in history”, the royal went on to touch on mental health, climate change and ended on a to-do list, which included actions such as having less screen time and more face time, being kinder to one another and taking risks. Meghan, wearing all-black casual tailoring save for a navy Smythe blazer, encouraged the crowd to clap a little louder as his speech drew to a close. She will have her own time in the spotlight when she joins Adwoa Aboah and Annie Lennox on an International Women’s Day panel in London on March 8.


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