Megan Rapinoe: US World Cup hero ‘too busy’ to run for president despite Trump criticism

Megan Rapinoe has declared herself “too busy” to run for the office of President of the United States, despite her criticism of Donald Trump

Rapinoe has become a national icon after leading the US to their fourth Women’s World Cup, which was secured with victory over the Netherlands in Lyon at the weekend.

And this week, a poll by the Public Policy Polling found that Rapinoe would beat Trump in a presidential contest , with 42 per cent of the vote to Trump’s 41 per cent.

Rapinoe and her US team-mates celebrated their victory with a parade through New York City on Wednesday, after which she addressed the thousands-strong crowd of well-wishers.

“I couldn’t be more proud to be a co-captain of this team with Carli [Lloyd] and Alex [Morgan],” she said. “It’s an absolute honour to lead this team out on the field.

“There’s no other place I would rather be. Even in a presidential race. I’m busy, I’m sorry.”

Rapinoe attracted the ire of President Trump last month after she ruled out the possibility of attending a ceremonial visit to the White House.

The 34-year-old is an activist and long-standing critic of Trump’s policies, having previously described him as “sexist” and “misogynistic”.

And in an interview with CNN upon her return to the States, Rapinoe hit out at President Trump’s record in office and his policies.

“Your message is excluding people,” she said. “You’re excluding me, you’re excluding people that look like me, you’re excluding people of colour, you’re excluding Americans that maybe support you.

“You’re harking back to an era that was not great for everyone. It might have been great for a few people, and maybe America is great for a few people right now, but it’s not great for enough Americans in this world.

“You have an incredible responsibility as the chief of this country to take care of every single person, and you need to do better for everyone.”


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