Maximalist makeup is the ultimate antidote to bleurghh-face

After several days stewing in my trackie-bums, the novelty of slobbing on the job has worn off. Whilst it was all self-inflicted (I rapidly became a pongy shell of my former self), I missed washing my hair, looking presentable and feeling good.

While speaking on Miley Cyrus’ new talk show, Bright Minded, Moschino’s creative director, Jeremy Scott, recommended keeping at least a semblance of the structure of your day pre-lockdown: get up, get dressed, get going. It works a treat. Getting into your pjs at the end of the day, rather than staying in them for four days straight, is a much better shout.

Makeup-wise, too, we’ve had a chance to rethink our go-to look. Whilst I’ve been utilising make-up free days to go ham on my skincare routine, and sharpen up my barely there (wink) conference-call coverage, if there were ever a time to overdo it on the makeup front and feel entirely fantastic, it’s now. Makeup is supposed to be a mood-booster after all.

So use weekends spent inside or the extra time freed-up from your commute experimenting with the cray-cray side of your eyeshadow palette. Get very familiar with your glitter liners, break the rules (if you want to stick your highlighter on your eye lids, go on with your bad self), and cheer up a mehh day with a crap-tonne of attitude. If it ends up looking mortifying, no-one’s going to see it. And, if you pull it off – you my friend have a new lewk for when we see you on the other side…

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Here’s some thoroughly cheery inspiration for your viewing pleasure…


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