Massive Minecraft update includes new ore that’s better than diamond

Should have taken a left turn at Albuquerque (Pic: Minecraft)

Minecraft’s Nether Update brings a bunch of changes to the game, including a rare but versatile ore.

It may be 10 years old now, but Minecraft continues to be an incredibly popular title that players can’t help but keep going back to. And if you haven’t done so yourself, this newest update may just be the push you need.

Referred to as the Nether Update, developer Mojang have announced a number of additions and changes that will be coming to the game, mostly concerning the Nether itself.

The Nether is a hellish area filled with fire and lava, but it has remained mostly unchanged since its initial inclusion in 2010.

Possibly the most exciting addition, however, is a brand new type of ore called Netherite, which, while rare, is well worth getting your hands on considering what you can do with it.

Firstly, any weapons drenched in it deal more damage and Netherite armour provides better knock-back resistance and is incredibly durable. And on top of that, Netherite can’t be destroyed by lava; it just floats on top of it.

With a full kit of Netherite, you could very well be unstoppable, but acquiring the stuff is a challenge in and of itself.

It can only be found by mining Ancient Debris in the lower depths of the Nether and then be refined into Netherite Scrap in a furnace. You can then combine four scraps with four Gold Ingots to make a single Netherite Ingot.

It should be noted that, at the moment, this update is only available on the Java versions of Minecraft, with no word yet on when it will arrive for all the other versions.

The update also isn’t technically finished yet, but you can test out a ‘snapshot’ of it before it’s completed.

The update and a full list of details can be found on Minecraft’s official website.

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