Martin Lewis warns 1.1 MILLION miss out on free £102 a week – ‘the sooner you get on with it the sooner you get paid’

MARTIN Lewis has warned 1.1million Brits are missing out on a free £102 a week.

The MoneySavingExpert told the nation “the sooner you get on with it the sooner you get paid” when it comes to pocketing the cash.

Martin Lewis explained how millions could be missing out on hundreds per week


Martin Lewis explained how millions could be missing out on hundreds per weekCredit: ITV

Anyone who claims a state pension and also happens to be ill or disabled could receive the money as part of an assistance allowance.

On Tuesday’s series finale of the Martin Lewis Money Show, Martin explained that the funds were there to take the pressure of those paying for help.

But not all of them are aware they could be getting support.

He said: “There’s possibly £3,500 for disabled or ill state pensioners.

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“So up to 1.1million of them are missing out on Attendance Allowance.

“This helps cover costs of those who need assistance, even if you’re not getting assistance.”

The help is not means-tested so if you’re not on a low income, you may still be entitled to it.

The lower rate available to those who need it is £68 per week which is £3,540 a year.

Martin explained that this is for someone who needs help during the day or the night only – not both.

Whereas, if you need help during the day and the night, you could be entitled to the higher rate of £102 per week, which works out at £5,300 for the year.

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Sadly, if you only have one year left to live, you can get the higher amount per week.

He also explained tonight that every Brit could save thousands of pounds by carrying out a three-second check.

the expert urged everyone who has regular and recurring payments leaving their account to double check them.

He said payments “drip out of our accounts” and most of the time we don’t even realise – which is handy for bills but not all transactions.

Requirements for cash entitlement

In order to receive the weekly payments, you must have:

  • Needed help or supervision for six consecutive months
  • Have help with daily living
  • Need supervision to ensure you’re not a danger to yourself or others

But sometimes, outgoing payments could hit a fault and if you’re not checking you could be losing out massively.

Martin said: “The thing about regular payments is that we spend our money but we don’t do it consciously.

“It happens behind our backs, but if you don’t check them regularly, millions of people are paying for stuff they don’t want and stuff they don’t need.”


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