Margot Robbie Learned To Hold Her Breath For Five Minutes For Suicide Squad

When Margot Robbie isn’t one spicy pepper as Harley Quinn in Birds of Prey, she’s snacking on hot wings.

The actress appeared in a recent episode of Hot Ones, where she did her absolute best to make it through a series of progressively hotter wings, all splashed with different flavors of sauces.

Of course, that wasn’t all she was there to do. Between fanning herself and gulping down water to try and make it to the next sauce, Robbie shared a few interesting tidbits from her experience filming Suicide Squad and Birds of Prey as Harley Quinn. One point of interest? She actually learned how to hold her breath for five minutes for her role in Suicide Squad, which is nothing to sneeze at. She also boned up on her rollerskating skills for Birds of Prey.

“I spent a lot of the movie on rollerskates. We actually have a big scene in the movie on a moving carousel, and I’m behind a moving car. It’s just really hard to do all that on wheels, so that was very challenging.

“That’s, like, a fun party trick now. It’s a fun thing to say ‘hey, I can hold my breath for five minutes,'” she said of her newfound skill, which she learned from a real free diver.

“He teaches you how to take a big breath and expand your diaphragm and all that stuff. Really the most important thing he teaches you is what happens when your body gets deprived of oxygen, and once you know, it’s not that scary when it starts happening. He’s like ‘so, you’ll have convulsions when you get to this point.’ Then you’ve got to, like, 30 or 40 seconds after that, so just ride out the convulsions, and they’ll get worse, and this will happen.” She explained the process in detail, which sounds like a terrifying ordeal – like, underwater convulsions – but that’s how dedicated Robbie is to her craft, after all.

You can go see Robbie putting her skating skills to work in Birds of Prey on February 7.


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