Marcus Rashford hits back at article on his personal finances and property investment

Marcus Rashford has hit back at a report into his personal investment in the property market referenced alongside his award-winning campaigning for free school meals.

The story on the Daily Mail website, and published in the Mail on Sunday, is headlined: “What a result! Campaigning football star Marcus Rashford has bought five luxury homes worth more than £2million.”

The article reports how the Manchester United forward “ploughed an estimated £1.5million into three houses” in Wilmslow, Cheshire and bought a house and flat in Macclesfield, over the past three months. It also states Rashford “splashed out” on a Cheshire golf course.

Rashford, who was recently awarded an MBE for his charity work and campaigning, tweeted: “Ok, so let’s address this. I’m 23. I came from little. I need to protect not just my future but my family’s too. To do that I made a decision at the beg [beginning] of 2020 to start investing more in property. Please don’t run stories like this alongside refs to ‘campaigning’.”

Last year Raheem Sterling compared MailOnline articles’ differing coverage of white and black players as he accused the media of fuelling “racism and aggressive behaviour”.

In response to the report on Rashford, Gary Lineker tweeted: “Here they go. This is how they start. Subtle to begin with, but it will grow. It’s what they do.”


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