Manny Pacquiao makes Keith Thurman fight prediction

Manny Pacquiao said he believes Keith Thurman “sense what is coming his way” as he predicted their July 20 fight “will not go 12 rounds”.

Pacquiao is confident he will take Thurman’s WBA super welterweight title belt, despite giving away 10 years to the Florida fighter.

Eight-division world champion Pacquiao is entering his 71st professional fight against the 30-year-old Thurman, who has an unblemished 29-0 record.

But the Filipino legend maintains a strict training regime and believes his athleticism and lightning reflexes will give him the advantage in their Showtime pay-per-view show at the MGM Grand next weekend.

Thurman is known as one of the hardest punchers in the division, but Pacquiao’s trainer Freddie Roach reckons his timing is off and his punch is less powerful as a result.

Manny Pacquiao and Keith Thurman fight on July 20 at the MGM Grand

Pacquiao is confident his opponent won’t last the distance.

“There is a big percentage this fight will not go 12 rounds. That is not a prediction but my analysis,” he said, speaking to Boxing Scene .

He said Thurman would be “surprised” by what he has to offer – and warned his opponent to keep the trash talk to a minimum for his own sake.

Manny Pacquiao spars with coach Freddy Roach

“I will not really know until I am in the ring with him, but I believe I have the better speed and footwork. I certainly have better experience against better opponents,” Pacquiao said.

“Keith Thurman is going to be surprised by what he sees from me. I have heard what he has said. The more he trash talks the more his insecurities show. I know he senses what is coming his way.”

Roach told Boxing Scene Thurman no longer had the legs despite being a decade younger than Pacquiao.

Thurman has vowed to send Pacquiao into retirement

The trainer said: “If you look at his last few fights, he’s really faded in each one of them. And I do feel like he possibly has an injury that has not healed.

“He usually relies on that big overhand right and lately he hasn’t had any success with it. He sets it up with a pawing jab and then goes with the big overhand right and his timing is just way off right now, especially in the last three fights.

“You look at him in his earlier career and he was knocking guys out with that shot. The last three fights he’s not knocking out anybody with nothing.”


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