Man slammed for vile 'no single mums' warning on dating profile

Dating apps can be hard work, scrolling through a never ending stream of unsuitable suitors looking for what can feel like a needle in a haystack.

So, it’s hard enough without potential matches without coming across people like this man, who posted a vile ‘no single mums’ warning on his Tinder profile.

The man, whose face and name have been blurred before his profile was shared to Facebook, wrote a scathing message on his Tinder profile explaining why he had no desire to date single mums.

“No single mums,” he wrote. “If you were a catch, he wouldn’t have left you and the kids behind.”

A screengrab of the man's dating profile
The man has been blasted for saying ‘no single mums’ on his Tinder profile

The statement is obviously ridiculous, for a plethora of reasons – most of which don’t need explaining – but mostly because he has completely overlooked the possibility that single mums could have made the decision to leave their partners for a number of reasons, or they may have not even been in a relationship to begin with.

Since being shared to Facebook, the Tinder profile has quite rightly received a fair bit of criticism, with many pointing out that his attitude towards other people is more than likely the reason he is still single.

Sadly, though, he’s far from being the only man on Tinder who holds such a narrow minded view on single women with children, as another hopeful dater took to Reddit saying he wished there was “a filter for single mums on Tinder.”

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“So I’m a 29-year-old male who has dated a single mum before. While I think kids are great and I want some of my own someday, the dad being in the picture made things really awkward and the child as sweet and good as she was, kept us from having us time as they do,” the man wrote on Reddit’s Tinder thread.

“Single mums deserve love too of course, but the amount of them I’m getting in my age range is staggering. Almost every other person or every third seems to have a kid. For this reason I wish we could filter out single mums.”

Ah, if only there was a filter to get rid of narrow-minded men with bigoted views. Wouldn’t that be lovely?

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