Man reveals that his brother’s kid might be HIS after he had an affair with his late sister-in-law

A MAN has revealed his brother’s daughter might be his after he had an affair with his late wife.

The man is debating telling his brother he slept with his wife soon after they got married, after she asked him to come clean on her deathbed.

The man revealed he could be his niece's biological father


The man revealed he could be his niece’s biological fatherCredit: Getty – Contributor

He posted his dilemma on Reddit, after he was consumed with guilt after his sister-in-law passed away from cancer, leaving his brother a distraught widower.

He said there was a “strong possibility” the seven-year-old girl his brother had been raising as his own was actually his daughter.

He said: “[Wife] had an affair with me shortly after they had gotten married. I’m not debating the a*****eness of us having an affair.

“I know that I’m a huge a*****e in that regard. After we slept together, she got pregnant.

 The man revealed he's slept with his brother's wife soon after they got married


The man revealed he’s slept with his brother’s wife soon after they got married

“We had a mutual agreement that we were never going to tell [brother]
what happened as it would devastate him.”

He said that as the girl grew up she began to “look more and more like me”.

He and his sister-in-law spoke a few times over the years, and based on the timeline of when they slept together, there was “decent chance” the girl was his.

But things changed when his sister-in-law got cancer, as she wanted her husband and daughter to know the truth.

He continued: “Near the end of her illness, [wife] told me that eventually she would like [husband] and [daughter] to know what happened between us.

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His brother's wife asked him on her deathbed to come clean


His brother’s wife asked him on her deathbed to come clean

“She made me promise to tell them. I promised her that I would just to give her some peace.

“She passed away last month. I still have not told [brother] and I don’t think I ever will.

“He has been hyper depressed since [wife] died and telling him this would just devastate him, let alone ruin our relationship.”

He added that his brother had raised the girl as his own and neither of them knew any different, and it would be “cruel” to tell them.

But he didn’t know whether he should fulfil his sister-in-law’s dying wish, and if it would be better for the truth to be out there.

Take your shame to your grave


And people also pointed out if the wife really wanted her family to know the truth, she would have told them before she died.

His post has racked up hundreds of comments, as people slammed him for debating ruining his brother’s memory of his wife, as well as potentially turning the girl’s life upside down.

Replying online, one person said: “Telling him now will only accomplish one thing – hurting the two people who did nothing wrong.

“YOU need to suffer the pain of knowing that you had an affair with your brother’s wife – not pass it along to your brother and, potentially, [daughter]. It won’t help anyone except yourself.”.



Hundreds of people have commented on the post


Hundreds of people have commented on the post

Someone else said: “You’re already an a*****e for sleeping with your brother’s wife.

“You’d be an even bigger a*****e if you told him. He just lost the love of his life. Do not destroy his memory of her.

“Do not take away his child. Your niece lost her mother. Do not take her father away from her too.”

“Take your shame to your grave. The truth would only hurt them more.”

A third wrote: “Never tell your brother or [girl] this. Do not ever breathe a word of this to anyone.


People have claimed he should take the secret to his grave


People have claimed he should take the secret to his grave

“Your promise to an adulteress who would so willingly wreck so many lives should mean nothing to you.”

This person added: “There’s no reason to tell him. A deathbed promise made to someone not thinking clearly means nothing.

“She’s your brother’s child in all ways that matter. Leave it.”

While somebody else thought: “Reveal the truth. You’ll be outcast. Your family will hate you. But you deserve it. You’re garbage.”

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