Man hailed an 'icon' after girlfriend shares cheeky songs he sends her every morning

A woman has been urged to marry her boyfriend after sharing a look at the hilarious songs he sends her via voice message each morning, to help her remember to take her medication

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Boyfriend’s renditions of songs remind girlfriend to take her pills

Social media users have fallen in love with a man on TikTok, after his girlfriend shared the way he goes above and beyond to ensure she’s taking care of herself.

Entertainer Amy-Beth Witherden has to take around four to five pills every day for conditions relating to allergies and mental health as well as vitamins.

However, the 27-year-old from Doncaster recently forgot to take her medication for three days, causing her body to break down at work.

Worried for his partner, boyfriend Liam Ellis from Derbyshire, decided to send her daily reminders to take her pills, in “iconic” fashion.

The 22-year-old has been sending Amy-Beth musical messages each morning, which are usually his own renditions of iconic songs.

Liam rewrites the lyrics to remind his girlfriend to take care of herself.

Amy-Beth’s videos went viral



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Amy-Beth recently shared a look at some of her boyfriend’s songs on TikTok, with his rendition of Lady Marmalade garnering over 10 million views.

His lyrics read: “Good morning babe,

“Please take your pills,

“Take them, be happy and s***.

“If you don’t take them,

“You will cry for random reasons.”

Speaking about the messages, Amy-Beth said: “Liam found out I had not been taking them for a while and at first would just send little voice notes in the morning to remind me.

“Which then lead to him singing in his voice notes to then full-on mini songs in the morning!

“It really worked and it really helped me a lot.

“Every morning it was exciting to open my messages and hear another little song to remind me.

“Haven’t missed a day since!”

Liam added: “From what I can see, it has been an incredibly effective way of reminding her to take her pills.

“I mean I could always just send the simple ‘Morning babe! Take your pills!’ text and this would probably be just as effective anyway but I wanted to do more than that.

“I didn’t want it to feel like it was this daunting thing of ‘Oh my boyfriend is reminding me to do this thing because I have these illnesses.’

“I wanted her to start her day with a smile, laugh, and to show that I genuinely want her to take care of herself.”

After the initial TikTok video went viral, viewers were begging for more.

Amy-Beth has since posted a number of other songs, which featured iconic songs such as; The Only Fools and Horse theme tune, “Don’t Stop Believin'” by Journey, “A Spoonful Of Sugar” by Julie Andrews amongst others.

Comments flooded in, with some branding Liam “husband material”, a “legend”, “iconic” and claiming that seeing this had caused their own “standards to get higher”.

Liam who has recently graduated from drama school has vowed to continue recording his musical messages for Amy-Beth every morning.

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