Man fumes after finding out 'criminal' cost of chicken sandwich abroad

When we go on holiday we often sample some pretty different looking food.

But when you cough up a lot of cash for a meal, you expect it to taste pretty good. Sadly, that’s not what happened for one bloke who spent $18 (around £14) on a chicken sandwich while on his travels.

He posted a picture of a rather pale looking chicken bap, alongside the caption: “$18 for this and fries.” The picture showed a buttered white roll that was stuffed with pieces of cooked chicken.

People didn’t get to see what the fries looked like but, it’s fair to say, the meal definitely wouldn’t have been worth the hefty price tag. After sharing the meal on Reddit, people have been left in shock.

Social media users said the offering is so bad, you can’t dub the dish as anything other than a “scam.” It’s certainly given people some food for thought.

Hundreds of people have been talking about the foodie creation since it was shared online. It turns out it was snapped up at a chicken cafe in Canada, and the person who bought it said his mum was keen to try out the eatery.

He said he read the reviews online, and didn’t want to eat there, but he did so for his mother’s sake. Nonetheless, people couldn’t get over what he was dished up.

One person said: “This gotta be @ an airport. Even then, it’s offensive, outrageous, and borderline criminal.” Another added: “This should be considered elder abuse and scamming.”

A third replied: “I got PTSD looking at this picture.” Meanwhile, a fourth commented: “I’ve boiled chicken juicier than that lol. I’d be disappointed.”

Despite the negative comments, people were assured it tasted around “20% better” than it looks. At least that’s a little more resassuring, eh?

Meanwhile, other people were quick to discuss how the sarnie has different names in different countries. Apparently, we all have different views on what a chicken burger looks like.

One person said: “Yeah it’s interesting in the United States we refer to them as chicken sandwiches but in Canada, Australia, UK and other places they’re called chicken burgers. Just an interesting little regional difference. Even then some people say it depends on the type of chicken (filet vs ground chicken for example).”

A second wrote: “Yeah I would agree with that. Ground/pulled/chopped chicken is all a chicken sandwich because it just contains the same things a sandwich would.

“A burger contains a patty between buns. A patty is compacted and shaped into a solid. As soon as it turns back into pieces it’s a sandwich. Like a chopped cheese. It’s essentially the exact same thing as a burger, just not solid.

“It’s not a chopped cheese/Philly cheesesteak burger it’s still a sandwich. The bread/bun is also arguably a factor but realistically this is the main component separating a sandwich from a burger.”

Finally, a third chimed in with: “I would never call this a chicken burger. A chicken burger is a breaded patty or ground chicken patty on a bun dressed like a burger (lettuce, tomato, onion whatever. This is a chicken sandwich to me.”


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