Made in Chelsea star Binky Felstead opens up on life as a single mum after splitting from Josh Patterson

Reality TV star Binky Felstead has revealed she is often hit with the realisation she’s a single mum.

And the 28-year-old, who split with her daughter India’s father Josh “JP” Patterson in September, admitted: “Of course there are times where I think, ‘F***, I’m on my own and I’ve got a baby.’

“But I’ve always been a believer in what’s meant to be is meant to be and that things happen for a reason and that’s how I’ve just kind of led my life.”

Last year, Binky revealed she and JP had been going through difficult times before and after the birth of India.

They split 15 months after she was born.

Binky split from JP 15 months after the birth of their daughter

Toughened to being trolled while on Made in Chelsea, Binky has since found social media harder to follow.

She said: “I was home with India and I would see on Instagram that everyone was out and about and I just felt really isolated.

“I can get quite low scrolling through Instagram and seeing all these happy, or what looks like happy, families – mums and dads and babies”.

Binky still socialises with JP. She went to January’s launch of a documentary he had made and told how they want India to see them together.

Binky Felstead with daughter India and ex JP

And while the former Made in Chelsea co-stars are finished, Binky is wondering how they’ll react when the other finds a new partner.

She said: “It’s going to throw a spanner in the works when one of us meets someone. I know we’re both adult enough to be kind of fine.

“I just think it’s going to be quite weird at the beginning. It’s little things like, I can still go to his parents’ house for the weekend with him and India. We want to keep that.”

Born Alexandra, Binky quit Made in Chelsea in 2017 after six years although she returned last year but not as a main cast member.

She charted her pregnancy and India’s birth on her own show Born in Chelsea and also worked on mummy brands My First Years and Cybex.

Binky’s lean look has upset some social media users

At the end of last year, she posted photos of her ­gym-honed frame and ­washboard abs.

The fitness fanatic launched The Mummy Tribe, a fitness and health retreat and is the UK Ambassador of Reebok Women.

Her lean look hasn’t gone ­unnoticed on social media.

In an interview with Women’s Health, she said: “I think [that’s why] people are commenting so much, because they’re not used to me [looking like this].

Binky’s tell-all interview is in Women’s Health

“They remember me being bigger back in Made in Chelsea. Not bigger but I was curvier and I didn’t ever go to the gym, so my body has changed.

“All other girls who are on Instagram posting in bikinis didn’t get criticised because they’ve always looked like that.

“But because I’ve lost a bit of weight they feel like they can say something.”

● Read the full interview with Binky in the April 2019 issue of Women’s Health, on sale today.

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