Madden 21 PS4 vs PS5: Release date, trailer, next gen, EA Play

You’ll have a choice between Sony consoles to play the next Madden on. Will it be PS5 or PS4?

Madden 21 is set to arrive this year with next gen consoles PS5 and Xbox Series X. But Madden 21 will also be playable on PS4 and Xbox One.

Let’s go over what we know so far about Madden 21 and which console you should use to play.

Madden 21 release date

rsz madden 21 release date leak 1
OOPS- It appears the release date for Madden 21 was accidentally leaked via the original stream for its official reveal trailer, which was delayed

We don’t yet have an official release date for Madden 21. Due to an apparent accidental leak, however, we believe it will be 28 August.

While this seems out of line with previous releases, coronavirus could clearly play a role in this.

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Madden 21 trailer

Madden 21 first look gameplay trailer next gen announcement reveal
INDEFINITELY DELAYED- Madden 21’s official reveal trailer no longer has a premiere date after delays

EA originally announced its official reveal trailer would premiere 1 June, but due to current social events, delayed the trailer indefinitely.

While we hope to hear more in the near future, that isn’t the only thing about Madden 21 that’s been delayed.

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Madden 21 EA Play

lamar jackson madden 21
COMING SOON- We expect some reports on the progress of Madden 21 at EA Play

We expect to hear plenty about Madden 21’s progress at EA Play 2020. Unfortunately after delaying its official release trailer, EA Play was also delayed.

While Madden 21’s official release trailer was delayed indefinitely, EA Play was only delayed to 18 June.

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Madden 21 on PS4 vs PS5

ps5 controller
YOUR NEW WEAPON- Sony revealed the newest controller design for PS5, and its new features

All these delays just means more time to decide which Sony console you should play Madden 21 on. Allow us to help with that.

Madden 21 on PS4 will be a safe, reliable way to play the game without investing in an entirely new console along with it. While the game is being designed with next gen capabilities in mind, the PS4 release should still be just as functional. This also means no waiting in line for the next gen console’s release.

Madden 21 on PS5 will be the series’ first leap to next gen technology. And with competitor 2K Games signing with the NFL to make football video games again, this combined pressure should mean EA steps up big for Madden 21. Sure you’ll have to pick up an entirely new console, and maybe even wait for access to the console on release day, but this is the way to play Madden 21 to its full potential with all the extra processing power and more of the PS5.

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