Madden 20: Chicago relocation guide + uniforms and team logos

If New York and LA can have two teams, why can’t Chicago? The Second City has been a Bears town forever, but with the Rams and Chargers moving into Los Angeles and the Raiders heading to Las Vegas who is to say another team couldn’t find a home in Chicago?

Well now thanks to EA Sports, you can be that team by moving your team in Madden 20’s Franchise Mode. Here is everything you need to know about moving your team to Chicago.

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Chicago stats

Fan interest: 4/6

Market size: Huge

Personality: Hardcore

Chicago is America’s Second City, but it only has one football team. With the Bears now 30 years removed from their last Super Bowl triumph, even the most hardcore fans can be turned with a drought like that.

There are plenty of fans to fill your stadium, so will you choose the Cougars, Blues, or Tigers?

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Fan interest in this name is incredibly low, so much so that it’s probably prohibitive, but if you are huge fan of the uniforms you may be willing to take the risk. Let’s see what they look like.

These aren’t bad. The ice white and blue is a nice combination that looks a bit like the Indianapolis Colts but not so much to create a full clash. Style #3 is our favorite, but all of these are quite nice.

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The Blues have good fan support, and the logo is simple but strong. The name is a little too close to Bears for my liking though.

Style #2 looks a lot like the Detroit Lions, but style #1 has neat shoulder decorations and a cool blue face mask that makes it stand out from the crowd. The shoulders on style #3 are pretty unique too, making this one of the tougher choices of any relocation team.

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The historical team of Chicago is the Tigers. They competed in the first professional football league and resurrecting the name would be a nice touch. However, it doesn’t have great fan support, and also has a lot of similarities to the Cincinnati Bengals.

If the logo looks like the Bengals, only style #3 is really similar to Cincinnati. The combination of orange and gray on style #1 is odd, but the gray is much less in style #2, and with the clean black helmet and white pants it looks very nice.

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