Lululemon launches countersuit against Peloton

Bloomberg has reported that Lululemon has launched a countersuit against Peloton for infringement just five days after Peloton filed a pre-emptive suit against Lululemon. The lawsuit involves co-branding deal that has since dissolved.

Peloton entered the deal with Lululemon in 2016 to capitalize on the latter’s immense popularity with the fitness community. In the lawsuit, Lululemon claimed they, “supplied Peloton with some of Lululemon’s most innovative and popular athletic apparel”, while Peloton added their trademarks to sell the apparel through their own retail channels.

At the start of this year, Peloton wanted to end the co-branding agreement, and Lululemon stopped supplying them with merchandise. Peloton created its own apparel line, but Lululemon claims none of the product is original, but rather imitations of their own designs.

“These knockoffs include Peloton’s Strappy Bra, Cadent Laser Dot Legging, Cadent Laser Dot Bra, High Neck Bra, and Cadent Peak Bra, which collectively infringe six different Lululemon patents,” the lawsuit states.

Peloton filed a lawsuit last Wednesday right before Black Friday to protect their products from the lawsuit Lululemon threatened to file earlier this month with a cease-and-desist letter. While the split between Peloton and Lululemon was once believed to be amicable, this no longer appears to be the case.


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