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Love Island’s Dr Alex George reveals ‘worry’ over NHS funding: 'Not seeing the money'

Dr Alex George starred on Love Island last year but after his stint on the ITV2 show, he didn’t go down the typical reality star route.

Alex returned to his day job, a doctor in the A&E department at the University Hospital Lewisham.

The star has now opened up on life working in A&E and said he is “frustrated” at not seeing any of the money pumped into the NHS on the frontline.

In an interview with Express.co.uk, he said: “What frustrates me is you have politicians saying they’re pumping all this extra money in for the NHS and we are not seeing it.

“We think, where is the money going? It should be on the frontline, nurses, doctors, facilities but I think it goes to management level, from a doctors perspective.”

Alex also said he is worried about the winter coming, as he fears it could be the first time the NHS “fails”.

He continued: “The last winter wasn’t as cold as we were expecting. If it is a bad winter, with the state of the NHS at the moment, then we might see the first time it actuallt fails.”

Speaking about whether he has seen the impact of Brexit already at work, Alex explained there’s been a mass departure of international staff in the NHS.

“My concern is the exodus of internationals working in our department,” he said.

“Some of the Spanish, for example. have gone back,” he went on: “We’re definitely going to lose staff because of it.”

The reality star added: “Quite frankly, that’s frightening because we don’t have enough staff as it is. It’s a real worry.”

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Alex admitted after he left Love Island, he didn’t think he would be able to return to his day job, due to all the publicity.

However, he admitted everyone has been respectful and lets him do his job.

“People say hello, come up and chat to you but on the whole, I think the public are more respectful,” he spilled.

“They give you space, they realise I’m just trying to do my job.”

He added: “On the whole, they might ask for a picture but I’m able to crack on and do the job which is really important to me. I was worried when I left Love Island.”

Meanwhile, Alex has partnered up with Facebook Messenger, promoting their new Unsend button.

The feature allows users to remove a message after it’s been sent within a limited amount of time.

“Sometimes we send the wrong messages to the wrong people. It’s to get people out of those cringey moments, for example if you send your mum a message you didn’t mean to.

“You can now unsend it otherwise it can be embarrassing, can put you in an awkward position.”


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