Love Island recap: Anton pies himself for the banter and Curtis is playing with fire

Oh, Anton. Bants are not worth it (Picture: ITV Picture Desk)

Love Island is getting into the nitty gritty now, with, if the rumours are to be believed, less than three weeks left until one couple wins £50,000.

However, we’ve only got one boyfriend and girlfriend in the villa, nobody is having sex (well, that we know of), and one of the favourite pairings to win are purely platonic (and they get our vote, tbh).

But the drama is still piling up, thanks to a fight over a ballroom dancer and Anton Danyluk managing to organise his own pieing by trying to be the Archbishop of Banter-bury.

So, let’s look back at Friday night in the villa and how a bro code violation led to a storm on the horizon. And Ovie content. All the Ovie content.

Anton, what are you doing?

Anton is finally boo’d up with Belle Hassan after weeks of rejection, and has found someone to shave his bum for him. But he was willing to throw that all away for the bants, which is actually quite an impressive commitment to his lad status.

The 24-year-old headed out of the villa with Jordan Hames and Tommy Fury to buy ingredients for a slap-up meal for the girls, and decided that he should give the ‘quite fit’ checkout girl his number on the back of the receipt.

Despite the fact his actual mobile is being held hostage by producers somewhere.

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Back in the villa, Jordan dutifully kept his mouth shut about the incident, but Tommy couldn’t keep his lips sealed, and told Molly Mae Hague what that happened. Molly told Anna and Joanna, then Tommy ‘fessed up to Anton – and we think all hell is about to break loose.

Awkwardly this came as Anton insisted to Belle that he was ‘loyal’, despite cheating in his past relationships.

Not only could this supermarket flirting lead to tension between Belle and Anton, we can’t imagine Anton will be too happy with Tommy for spilling his secret, and Anna is fuming that Jordan continued to feign ignorance.

Curtis is playing with fire

Maura Higgins is a force of nature. A ball of sexual energy teamed with self-worth and self-confidence that can destroy any man in her wake.

So why Curtis Pritchard is risking her wrath by playing her against Francesca Allen, we have no idea.

Maura was left a tad fuming when Francesca chose Curtis in the recoupling, but wasn’t about to stop her seduction tactics, taking off her bra for a massage from the ballroom dancer. Francesca saw the rub-down and admitted it was pretty disrespectful of Curtis.

Francesca was understandably peeved (Picture: ITV Picture Desk)

Curtis then went on to cuddle Francesca in bed while Maura watched on – and the dancer is feeling rather smug about his situation.

He said: ‘I’ve never had two girls fighting over me before. I’m not used to it but I’m not complaining.’

Oh dear.

A couple is at risk of a dumping

Another dumping is on its way, and the decisions are getting tougher, as Molly Mae and Tommy, Michael and Joanna, Amber and Ovie, Anton and Belle and Anna and Jordan are all up for the chop.

Maura and Chris and Francesca and Curtis are safe from the vote this time to give the bombshells a bit of time to grow – and of course, keep the Curtis-Maura drama going. Clever producers.

We do not deserve Ovie Soko

He’s 6’7. He’s a basketball player. He’s kind. He says ‘message!’ after every text. He has the best style we’ve ever seen. Ovie is a national treasure.

Watch Ovie talking to himself while making eggs and discovering there’s no butter in the fridge and tell me that this man doesn’t deserve to take the £50k himself.

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And the rest…

– Tommy has never gone food shopping before. After that cheese/mayo/ketchup/dry bread monstrosity, this does not surprise us. Neither does Tommy not knowing the difference between a green bean and asparagus.

– The look on Michael’s face when Joanna started talking about what their kids would look like is shorthand for ‘I’ve made a huge mistake’.

– Those halloumi stuffed peppers looked hideous.

– Chris Taylor thinks that liking Harry Potter is ‘weird’ and niche. It is literally one of the biggest franchises of all time, Chris.

Love Island continues Sunday night at 9pm on ITV2.

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