Love Island fans thrilled as Teddy and Faye reunite with kiss after Casa Amor

Love Island’sTeddy and Faye reunited during Sunday’s episode at last to the delight of viewers.

The couple had hit a rough patch after Teddy returned to the villa alone from Casa Amor, to find that Faye had recouped with new boy Sam.

Faye had remained faithful to Teddy while he was away until she was a photo of him kissing someone else on the infamous postcard.

This caused her to start cracking on with Sam and recouple, leaving Teddy single.

Once Faye realised that Teddy had stayed loyal to her however, she seemed to be having second thoughts.

Speaking on the terrace for a private chat on last night’s episode, Teddy asked her: “So have you missed me then?”

Faye and Teddy hit a rough patch when he went to Casa Amor
Faye and Teddy hit a rough patch when he went to Casa Amor

“Yeah, well I did for the first two days and then you rattled me,” she replied.

“I did miss you, but I was just being a t**t. Just putting my guard up and going, ‘well f**k him then’. You can imagine it can’t you? I was literally like, ‘f**k him. I hate him’.

“Yeah, and I imagine Sam must’ve been like, ‘yes, finally’,” Teddy answered.

Referring to the postcard, Faye then said: “I came out here and just sobbed because I felt like I already knew what I had.”

They shared a passionate kiss after a flirty chat
They shared a passionate kiss after a flirty chat

“What you had or what you still have?” Teddy asked her, as she replied: “Well I don’t know. I just felt like you f**ked it.”

“I f**ked it? I feel like we both f**ked it,” Teddy told her.

“I think we both f**ked it too, but it gives you peace of mind knowing that I’ve not had a single kiss with anyone, which is good. but in the challenge I did,” Faye added.

“Right, let’s not talk about it,” Teddy quipped back, as she asked him: “Well, you getting jealous now?

Fans were shocked when Faye recoupled with Sam
Fans were shocked when Faye recoupled with Sam

“I knew it was outside of the challenge because you were in clothes,” she said of Teddy’s kiss with one of the new girls.

“It was a game. Game/challenge. Tomayto tomahto,” he replied.

Deciding to draw a line under it, Teddy then asked her: “Can I kiss you now?” and the pair enjoyed a passionate snog.

Fans took to Twitter to share their delight that the couple had found their way back to each other.

“Yes teddy and Faye that’s a miss you kiss right there!!! #LoveIsland,” one viewer tweeted.

Another commented: “Anyone else absolutely over the moon and going to bed with a happy heart. Ffs Faye do not f**k it! #LoveIsland #fayeandteddy.”

A third added: “Such growth from faye to admit she reacted badly. So pleased for #feddy #LoveIsland.”

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