Love Island fans baffled as Mike makes Priscilla blunder after ditching Jess for her

Love Island star Mike Boateng doesn’t hang about when it comes to romances in the Love Island villa.

The former police officer grafted hard for Jess Gale’s attention – stealing her off Luke M – but when the Casa Amor stint rolled around, he soon binned her off for a new bombshell.

Priscilla entered the Casa Amor villa, and Mike’s head soon turned.

And despite only knowing the brunette babe for a mere two days, he’s already pictured them walking down the aisle.

In a frank discussion with the boys, he admitted he sees Priscila as “wifey material”.

Mike branded Priscilla wifey material after only knowing her for two days

In a frank discussion with the boys, he admitted he sees Priscila as “wifey material”.

Opening up about his feeling, Mike confessed Priscila has made him “feel things” – unlike Jess.

However, fans were quick to point out Mike has known the Islander for just over 48-hours, with many thinking he’s moving quickly, even for his “game-playing” standards.

The pair enjoyed a kiss and sealed their romance with a kiss

And fans couldn’t help but comment on Mike’s quick turnaround.

“How full of s*** is Mike? Every girl is a wife to him,” one remarked.

“Mike f**k off. Wife material? You have known her like 2 days…grow up,” a second exclaimed.

Mike’s confession didn’t go down well with Love Island viewers

While a third wrote: “Mike bore off with saying she’s ‘wife material’ guarantee you’ll be saying that about someone new in a couple of days.”

And his fellow islanders couldn’t help but comment on Mike’s remarks.

“He wears his heart on his sleeve,” Luke M said. “He has a very big sleeve.”

Love Island continues on ITV2 at 9pm.


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